Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My How Far We've...Gone

On Sunday, my mother brought an old newspaper clipping to show us.  She wasn't sure of the date, but I'm guessing it was probably sometime in the 1960s.  She found it in my grandmother's things.  Apparently, the columnist was taking an opinion poll on the topic of whether or not women should be allowed to wear shorts on Main Street.  The responses were pretty interesting.  My grandfather, Artie Brown, is quoted midway down the page.

I am not one to harp on apparel, but.....honestly, maybe I should.  I see the results at the Pregnancy Care Center of a generation of young girls who have lost their modesty, their femininity, their self-value, their purity; and in turn, their protection.  Women's liberation, which included the right of women to dress like men and/or prostitutes without social criticism, came with a huge price tag.  That's all I'll say for now.

Well, nevermind, this is MY blog.  So for the critics who just can't seem to NOT read my blog, I ask you a question: You gained the right to wear your britches and your shorts and your tank tops and your miniskirts. You even wear them to God's house and fit right in. Nobody says a word. The men are expected to look the other way (after all if they don't, THEY are the perverts...not YOU, who chooses to tempt them) and the other wives are not supposed to be jealous that you expose their husbands to your cleavage. You are so liberated. In fact, SO liberated, that you now have the liberty to
  • get a no fault divorce and live alone
  • have an abortion
  • fight on the front lines of war
  • get on the pill and have endless relations with men who value you  for only 1 reason
  • outsource your mothering

Call me old-fashioned (pretty please?  Do call me "old fashioned"!).  I'll just cling to my femininity.   And my modest apparel.  And my husband.  And my family.  And my home.

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Kristy... said...

WONDERFUL post Tara.. we should all maybe speak out a bit more and "offend" a little more often!

I agree with it all :)