Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Ben,

I know how insulting it must be for you on your birthday, that no one has even remembered that this is your special day. You see, our country, for which you can largely be credited with establishing, is too busy honoring aother man. This other man, of course, has never held down a real job, run a business, or done anything innovative to improve the nation, although he was a wonderful speaker. He was extremely critical of the United States and its culture and economic system (though he lived pretty high on the hog thanks to this nation of greedy capitalists), and he taught that everyone (that is, everyone ELSE) should be forced to voluntarily (?go figure!?) share their wealth. No, Ben, I'm not talking about Obama, I'm talking about Michael King, Jr., aka Martin Luther King, Jr.

So, on this day, I would like to take a moment to wish you a Happy Birthday, and thank you for all your dedication to our great Republic. Thank you also for your contributions to the fields of Science, Literature, Mathematics, and Music, as well as your many innovative inventions that improved society, such as the first public library and fire station.

Happy Birthday, Benjamin Franklin!

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Melanie said...

Next year I say we throw a "Happy Birthday Ben" party. You can do a cake and we can have science experiments and inventions!