Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Obviously Have Too Many Children

To all the naysayers out there who've said rude things to my face and behind my back about "all those kids" that Jason and I have so irresponsibly brought into the world...well, okay, I guess you might have a point. I'll at least concede that maybe we have too many children for the amount of toilets we have in our house. You see, a deep dark secret is boys end up using the bathroom outside almost every morning. The routine goes like this: everyone gets up at the same time, the big kids take their showers first thing, and if the boys drag around, they miss their opportunities to use the restroom. Inevitably, they have to go bad and end up yelling, "Mom, I'm going to pee outside!"

So this evening when I told Summer to go pee pee, she found both restrooms full, then runs to the kitchen door yelling, "Mom, I'm going to pee outside!". When I tried to stop her, she burst into tears and then I had to video!

So the bottom line is this. STRINGER KIDS, you all better walk the line this week! Somebody's going on eBay before the week is out! Our kid:toilet ratio is out of balance!

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Jessika said...

If you are going to sale someone on eBay...I'll take Madelyn, she can come live with me and I'll help her build that mile long pool she wants. :)

Melanie said...

You are just too funny!