Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Kitties Were Harmed During the Making of This Blog Post

There is a constant rivalry in our household as to which is the better pet: cat or dog.

In the left corner we have Madelyn, devoted cat lover. She's ready with a shovel in a split second to scrape that dead rat off the carport before her Dad sees it.

In the right corner, we have Caleb, dedicated coon dog breeder. He's been known to trek the woods until dawn, faithfully pursuing the coon dog that got sidetracked by an armadillo.

And now, the devoted cat lover and the dedicated coon dog breeder have reached adolescence. And they are about to drive their longsuffering mother crazy.

Below you will see the latest chapter in the Cat vs. Dog soap opera. (I can already hear it..."Mama, what's a soap opera?")

Caleb and Seth slipped outside today while Madelyn was busy with chores and staged this picture. (disclaimer: it was just for show! below kitty is alive and well!)

KK just tiptoed down the hallway and set this photo as Sis's iPod wallpaper. She'll have a nice little surprise waiting in the morning.

I am absolutely certain that there will be payback. Stay tuned for more Cat vs. Dog!

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