Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This coffee, "Monkey Coffee," as Bub calls it, is so delicious on this cold, rainy fall afternoon! He calls it monkey coffee because the smell reminds him of monkey bread. Get some soon because it's seasonal.

This blog is really to myself in case it makes me sick. (Tara, you really did enjoy that pumpkin spiced coffee, and you had a sweet time sharing a cup with Bubbie while snuggling on the couch. It was worth it.)

Coffee and Bible reading used to be my favorite combination for early mornings. These days, it's coffee and prayer (prayer that I don't get sick!). I guess coffee and prayer isn't a bad combo, right?

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Parsley said...

Looks good but I think I'd need to sample it before buying a bag. Cloves make me shiver so if it's free of that...I'd be good.

Tara said...

Parsley, I avoid cloves like the plague and didn't detect anything, so you'd probably like it too! (Great to hear from you, friend!)