Monday, March 26, 2012

My Bear of a Blog

Well, it's spring. The bears are coming out of hibernation, and it's time my own blog came out of hibernation too. I've been pretty overwhelmed the past few months from many different angles in life, and I just had to focus on the essentials for a while.

I have truly missed blogging, although I don't think anyone else even noticed I had quit LOL. Here's a little update on what's been going on at the Stringer household:

KK has grown a foot and gets more handsome every day!

My sweet girl turned 12!

Seth is still cutting up dead stuff (see cow eye below)

Bub is still saving the world from Nazis and Muslims

Summer has discovered Dorothy!

And for something pretty funny....I was preparing to send in my older version of Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra that KK did for 8th grade for the newer auto-grading version they just released so I'll have it for my future students. For this exchange, it is required to send in your old, used textbook. As I was getting my package ready, I scanned through the book and noticed the last page. My little comedian tends to doodle all through his school work. I bet poor Greg and Shawn (the Teaching Textbook authors) will be surprised when they see this! :-)

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