Monday, June 4, 2012

Science was really fun today!

What an awesome day we had homeschooling today!  We got up and did our Math, Language, Vocabulary, etc., and then took off with our friends, the "Orcs" ,as Summer calls them (a.k.a. the Yorks LOL) to a Reptile Rescue Show.  To be honest, the audience was very rude and disruptive, but we were able to enjoy the show in spite of them.  My kids were truly shocked that the other children were so disrespectful to the speaker. It was an eye-opener for them. (Plus they got to experience their first smelly, hot, packed public school gymnasium!)  Anyway, I think Summer Rose enjoyed it as much as the boys.

Here's the presenter being bitten by a King Snake!!

How to identify a copperhead?  It has "Hershey's Kisses" on its body.

Water Moccasins (also known as Cotton Mouths) are venomous, but not aggressive.

The deadly timber rattlesnake!  I forgot how many he said, but way too many rattlesnake bites in Georgia for me!
 Baby alligator!
 And, of course, a HUGE turtle!

I love field trips!

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