Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Greater Expectations - No Greater Joy Ministries

I always glean a lot from every issue of No Greater Joy, and I thought this was an especially good article.  I was certainly challenged and encouraged by the article myself, but I think it also brought to light many points that well-meaning, loving parents of public school children perhaps haven't thought through to the end.  Here's a paragraph from it:

Today’s child is prodded out of his warm bed and told to dress for school. He is fed a bowl of sugared cereal and loaded into a vehicle. At school he is just one of the herd; he sits in a row, stands in a line, plays on asphalt with all the other sad, bored kids. When he gets home in the afternoon he sits in front of a screen in a dumbed-down state, watching some other kid sing, dance, have an adventure, or do something interesting or heroic. But he feels himself to be the guy outside looking in through the window. The wonder in his soul lies dormant; he FEELS that life happens to the cool kids. Adventure is not his. He never considers that he might hold a tiny frog in his hand; he can’t conceive that he might watch a snake slowly swallow a mouse. All he knows are the animals at the zoo boringly observing him observing them. It is a freeze-frame experience. Most children live regulated, packaged lives, never feeling the awe of the moment. Their young life is spent “killing time” and trying to stay out of trouble.

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Greater Expectations - No Greater Joy Ministries

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