Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Little Girl and Her Camera Roll

You can tell a lot about a person by scrolling her iPod camera roll.  

The girl loves Band-Aids.  I laughed out loud when I found this pic.  I had no clue she had taken it at Wal-Mart

She loves her "Seb"

She calls wrapping her wet hair up in a towel her "Smurf hat"
Smile, Baby!

This is not a horror movie.  It's her rainbow night light, a Mobi Tyke Light


"Mama, take a picture of me singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
The girl loves her Poppie

And she loves eyes

Her baby rabbit

She also loves feet

More feet

She loves her friends

Um, she has brothers.

Can you guess?
(It's Raggedy Ann's eye LOL)

I love how my "baby" is growing and developing her own unique personality.  I miss her being a baby, but I feel so privileged to be allowed to watch firsthand the amazing transformation of all my children from little infants into young people.  I love being a mother!

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Kristy... said...

This is a great post!!!!! She is beautiful and the Long hair!!! so pretty.

I also miss Miss Abby being a baby .. bittersweet as you stated before!