Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's Selection Day!

"Presidents are selected, not elected." - Franklin D. Roosevelt
"If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it." - Mark Twain

Today, we will see.  Who will the global elites choose?  Did the Marxist Obama move too fast and draw too much attention to the global agenda?  Is it time for a more subtle Fabian Socialist?  Do we need to offer the patriotic Americans a perceived "conservative" to satiate their little Tea Party movement?

We really don't have a choice. (See 40 Points That Prove Obama and Romney are the Same Candidate)

Both candidates will fast track us to completely implementing Agenda 21, and will continue to undermine our currency; thereby pushing us toward globalism.  Neither has any regard for personal liberty, and they both think they have a right to have drones and kill lists and indefinite detentions.  Both believe in socialized healthcare and government subsidized industry (corporate fascism).

But, I guess I'll play their game.  I'm going to vote for Romney, against all my personal convictions (I feel like such a traitor), mainly because he's so much cuter than Obama.  (I'm grasping here, bear with me.)

And, while I know that they both are marching us right toward the government of anti-Christ....I also know that this is what will happen, regardless of whom is in office.  It has been foretold in the only completely reliable document ever penned, God's Holy Bible, and so it must be.

So, in the meantime, perhaps some immediate relief can be provided for my children and family, in the way of tax relief and homeschooling and religious freedom, if Mitt Romney is elected.

So, here goes. Get in line.

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