Friday, September 28, 2007

Little Ladies

Doug Phillips from The Vision Forum had an excellent blog on "Doll Play" that would definitely be worth your time.
Check it out here:
It sickens my stomach to even walk down the Barbie/Bratz aisle at Wal-Mart. What are these people thinking, and worse, what are these mothers thinking? Here is my Madelyn with her doll "Liberty".

Madelyn is a little girl with a variety of interests. While she does coon hunt with her brothers and dad, and she has a serious farmer's tan from hours of daily outside play, she already knows more about cooking, sewing, home remedies, child training, and general homemaking than I did at age 20 when I got married. Her best friend in the world is Caleb, and I enjoy hearing them talk about the future when they'll both marry and have families of their own. I strive to direct their play, so that it is not only fun, but also prepares them for their adult roles as helpmeet and homemaker, and provider and leader. For Sis, that means a doll, an apron, a bonnet, a play dress, cookware, a first aid kit. For KK, a coonskin hat (or cowboy, or soldier, or just a cap like Dad wears), a pellet gun, a hatchet, a bow, a dog. [Incidently, our family wasn't even phased by the thousands of Mattell recalls. We have very few "toys" of that nature. Dress those kids up and send them outside!!]

Here is a delightful conversation Sis and I had a few months ago:
Sis: "Mom, when I grow up and marry, can I live in MawMaw's house?"
Me: "Well, that would be okay, but your husband will build you a house of your own."
Sis: "But what if he can't build a house?"
Me: "Well, perhaps he'll buy you one."
Sis: "But what if he can't buy one?"
Me: "Well, if he can't build or buy you a house, he can't even think about marrying my little girl. He isn't ready to marry anyone, but certainly not my daughter."
Sis: "Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll just have to let KK take him out back and kick him in the butt." [said with complete sincerity, without cracking a smile]


Amy said...

She is going to make a fine helpmeet/homemaker.

Melanie said...

What a smart little girl! (And a smart Mommy!)

Lana Jill said...

I couldn't agree more about what garbage you can find at Wal-Mart/Target or wherever for little girls. I am so blessed that Samantha is content reading or playing piano! By the way, I haven't told you that I passed my old flute on to her! She started band this year....they grow up so fast!