Monday, September 24, 2007

My New Blog

By worldly measures, I live an extremely boring life. So why does the already crowded world wide web need one more blog? Well, at the urging of a friend (Melanie, you've created a monster!) I thought I'd give it a try.

Unlike many women today, I don't have a college degree. Or a career. Or a social life. Or a lot of friends (though the ones I have are priceless jewels!) I do have scars from childbirth, bags under my eyes, more gray hairs than I care to admit, holes in my dress pockets, chocolate milk stains in my carpet, and very little time to myself.

But, believe me or not, I'm perfectly happy and content. I guess the better word would be "fulfilled", as in knowing you're doing what you were born to do. I hope to fill this blog with news of all the blessings that come along with the scars and bags and stains and holes. Homemaking certainly isn't glamorous, but it is very satisfying, knowing that all my work holds eternal value. Everyone I know is busy with something, and I hope to keep myself busy with things that will count when we get to the Other Side. For me, right now, that means pouring all my time and energy into my husband and the precious little souls that the Lord entrusted to us.

Here are Bubbie & Seth making Mother Bear's Fish Stew

KK & Sis, Best Buddies


Melanie said...

Way to go! It is everything I knew it would be. You are awesome with words!
Though we may seem plain to the world I can assure you that no one who really knows us thinks that....just ask our husbands if they don't wonder what they will find when they come in the door every day!
I love your blog! Keep up the good work!

faye blalock said...

Tara I enjoy looking at your blog!It is wounderful.Keep up the good work. Faye Blalock