Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm Still Alive!

After 1 week of vacation (conclusion: There's no place like home), 1 week of recovering from vacation (conclusion: Routine is what makes home so sweet), and then a stomach virus to top it all off (conclusion: Bunk Beds seem like a great idea until a stomach virus hits), I haven't been very inspired to blog. Trust me, there's NOTHING inspiring about 7 people puking in 1 house. I often wondered this week about Michelle many times has she cleaned up puke?

Sorry for the boring "blahg" and I am praying for an inspiring weekend!


Kristy... said...

Good to "see" ya Tara~

Hope you are feeling better soon.
I dont know how someone does it with 20 something people sick in the same house at once.. 6 is hard enough!

And yes, I feel VERY blessed to have such a handy husband

Parsley said...

Ah Gee Whiz! So sorry. Yes, first come the throwing up, then the other which is a fight to the bathroom. How in the world do people with large families cope? Get well!

Melanie said...

I agree, There is NO place like home...At least you can say you took a vacation. Whew, got that over with for a few years!

Hope you all are better and in full swing of your routine.

I was wondering if you had taken a vacation from your blog. :)