Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blessed Week

We've had a busy but blessed weekend around here. My Caleb turned 13 on Friday. Jason and I had always planned to do something special with each of the children as they turned 13, but it always just seemed like something far off into the future. Now it's already in the past. Truly, this life on earth just flies by. Reminds me to be investing in what's ETERNALLY important!
For his birthday, we took him to buy a new set of Carhartt's (in men's sizes, I might say!), and then we left the other kids with grandparents and took KK out to eat. Jason and I had each written a letter to him, and he was so sweet and thankful for the extra attention. The world has given such a fearful reputation to "teenagers". A few weeks ago, somebody asked KK how old he was, and said, "You'll soon be a teenager!" Later he said, "Mom, what's a teenager?" I thought it was cute, and I know some would criticize me and Jason for sheltering him so, but we've never allowed him to watch movies, listen to music, or hang out with other kids or adults who think that it's a "rite of passage" for kids to turn into monsters for a few years during their teens. We're grooming him for manhood, not hedonism; therefore, we have carefully and purposefully fashioned his world to enforce what we're teaching. Very few people approve of it, but when I look into this young man's eyes, and I see a live personality and not an apathetic stare...I don't give a care about what anybody else thinks.
Here's a pic of KK and Sis on Sunday evening. Few things in life please me more than watching the relationship between these two.

Then on Saturday, we went to Lake Winnie Amusement Park. I didn't take a lot of pictures because I actually rode rides! Summer was old enough to ride and enjoy the day, and that freed me up to actually enjoy myself! It was the first time in 3 kids that I got to ride a roller coaster. I can testify that roller coasters in your 30s are different than roller coasters in your 20s, but I had a great time.

And now for the really fun news: I am potty training Summer Rose this week! Monday was a disaster, but today has been good. I'll give a report of this experience later. Wish me luck!

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Kristy... said...

awww Happy birthday to your sweet son.

I think its funny how parents and society label children at certain ages to be ... well, bad.

Even with say "the terrible twos" and if they arent "terrible then" then they get to be in the "terrible threes"
Just excuses for them to be "terrible" isnt it? you are telling them, I expect you to act badly there for.. go ahead!
people do the same with teens and I think you are awesome for sheltering him.. as, these days, its mighty hard! :)