Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Colossal, Monstrous, Gluttonous, Ineffective, Worthless Machine Called Government Bureaucracy

When government steps beyond its bounds of protecting the life, liberty, and property of its citizens, it is always, I expensive boondoggle of a disaster.

Take, for example, education. It's no secret that I homeschool, and I believe that homeschooling is the safest and most effective way to educate children, especially Christian children. That does NOT mean that I am critical or skeptical of other Christian parents who make different choices. Not only that, I truly believe that there was a time when "public education" was a good thing for the children and the community. That was back when it was truly "public" education and not "government" education. Back in the old days, the town chose the teacher, the textbooks, the schedule, and the graduation requirements for their own children. They had a vested interest in the decisions they made because they loved the children whom these decisions affected.

Enter "Clown in Chief" President Jimmy Carter. [The reason Carter loves Obama so much is because now Carter is no longer labeled the absolute worst President in history] In 1979, he created an illegal, unconstitutional Cabinet department called the Department of Education (along with the illegal Department of Energy). This federal bureaucracy has about 5,000 employees. Parents have no say-so in who is hired. The President is free to pack this department with pedophiles, abortionists, homosexuals, and educated idiots who could probably tell you more about Lady Gaga than George Washington. (I so wish I was making this stuff up, but if you don't believe me, read it for yourself.) Half of them probably don't even have children, much less have any interest whatsoever in YOUR children. Their goal is the "common good". So when they tell you that your child is reading "below level", that may or may not mean that your child has difficulty reading. It may mean that he is perfectly capable of reading classic literature, worthwhile publications, and quite able to function in society and interpret information for himself. Oh, horror of horrors.....A CHILD WHO CAN THINK FOR HIMSELF! This could not benefit the greater good of society!

We need tests. Standardized tests. So that everyone is on the same level. Equal. United. For the common good. Instead of reading books written by individual, passionate authors, we'll give them pre-digested, abridged excerpts determined by a hired committee, and then see if we can train the kids to answer "comprehension" questions. Then we'll rate the kids, and we'll also rate the teachers on how well the kids do on the tests. So, Mrs. Smith has to lay aside her passion for imparting knowledge and teach kids how to pass government tests, and Johnny has to put down his awesome book and stop learning in order to be trained. What a disaster!

Someone shared this article on FB the other day, and I thought it was just awesome.

When an Adult Took Standardized Tests Forced on Kids

It's about a highly educated and successful businessman, member of a School Board, who decided to take the same tests required by local 10th graders. His brave and honest assessment of the process has changed the way he views this whole standardized test racket. Be sure and also read the linked update that is at the top of the article. I think this incident proves everything that homeschoolers and conservatives have been saying for years: Government makes poor parents! The idea that a massive bureaucracy, located hundreds of miles away from the target, spending other people's money, with no vested interest in the little souls they direct, could ever be effective is just ludicrous thinking!

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