Wednesday, November 7, 2007

"We go together"

When I was expecting my first child, my prayer throughout the pregnancy was that the Lord would let him be a happy baby. Indeed, Caleb was an absolute delight. When I was expecting my second, I worried about "sibling rivalry", and that is just not what I wanted for my family, so throughout the pregnancy, I just prayed, "Lord, please let her love Caleb." Well, Madelyn was a miserable baby, but one thing about it, she loved her KK. She has taken every step he has taken, she learned to walk at 8 1/2 months to keep up with him, she potty trained herself (I had a hard time making her sit instead of stand!), she learned to read in just a few weeks, and is now teaching herself cursive, all just to keep up with her brother! She carries a knife in her pretty pink purse, she has a stash of play rifles, and coon hunts with a pink light, all just to keep up with her brother. Does he ever get annoyed? By God's grace, he has never, ever complained about her tagging along. No one has told him yet that big brothers don't like little sisters, so they are just genuinely best friends. He has been known to drop other friends like a hot potato who were mean to her, and I do pity any young man who sets his sights on her in the future. ("I'm not giving my sister up to just any old hippie!") I wouldn't trade their relationship for anything, and I'm absolutely convinced that it is one of my most visible fruits of homeschooling. Thank you, Lord.

They are 2 years, 4 months apart in age

When KK went through his Buzz stage, so did she
At ages 2 and 4

This is when I paid KK $5 to dress up like Huckleberry Pie so I could take their picture in her Strawberry Shortcake outfit
One of my all-time favorite pictures of them


Amy said...

You have a unique family. I love the picture of the "Buzz" family. The passy is too much! Precious.

Melanie said...

You are right, this is what only homeschooling could produce. Such joy it brings!