Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Going to the Dogs!

Years ago, Jason preached a message entitled "Kissing Dogs and Killing Babies". (I wish I had the audio to upload!) Jason's message was about the warped view of children and family that prevails today, how so many people bypass God's design for marriage and children and are content to raise dogs and "shack up" as the old timer's used to call it. He preached on how if someone loses a dog they post bulletins all over town, but they don't think twice about aborting their own babies.

As I've watched President B.O. kiss up to the sodomites, and declare all out bloody war against little unborn babies, that message has come to mind many times. This will surely be the death of America. Listen as our nation's elected leader gives a "shout out" to all the queers at a special reception that he actually hosted (again) at the White House in honor of him declaring June to be LGBT Pride Month. It raises the hair on the back of your neck to hear the cries and wails of Sodom in the background, praising and worshiping our morally destitute leader. (This video actually cuts off about 3 minutes of shouting before he begins to speak. I've heard an audio version that included more of the beginning.)

I just hope I can pass along to my children and this generation that it wasn't always this way. Certainly our Founding Fathers didn't bow down to them. George Washington expelled one from his army, actually had him drummed out of the camp in disgrace. Thomas Jefferson wrote a law penalizing "buggery" as he called it with castration (now there's a solution!). Here's a great article by David Barton at Wallbuilders that shows just how extremely repugnant this sin, that was too horrible for Founding Father James Wilson (signer of Dec. of Independence, Constitution, and an original Supreme Court justice) to even name, was viewed in early Christian America.

Homosexuals in the Military by David Barton

For all you liberal, jellyfish Christians out there who think I should not criticize the government and just pray for him...THIS MAN IS EVIL. If I have to explain this to you (who proclaim the likeness of Christ), then there's probably no hope for you either.

Whenever someone speaks of "homosexuals" (their politically correct name) and the Bible, they quote Romans 1. Certainly this Scripture unequivocally condemns this crime, but there are also many other places in Scripture that it is named. (If you read from the NIV, don't be surprised if yours only condemns temple prostitutes. Click this link and you'll see there's a mighty good reason for that. They don't call it the HIV Bible for nothing.)

They are called....

"abomination" Lev. 18:22; 20:13

"sodomites, wicked sinners" Gen. 13:13; 19:4-8 and I Kings 15:12

"sons of Belial" Judges 19:22-24

"vile, unnatural, reprobate" Romans 1:26-27

"defiled" I Tim. 1:10

"effiminate, abusers of themselves" I Cor. 6:9

"dogs" Deut. 23:17, 18; Psalm 22:16, Phil. 3:2, Rev. 22:15

Let's declare June National DOGS month, and pray for God's mercy on America.

(Disclaimer: My sincere apologies to the entire canine species.)


Parsley said...

Another one of your 'special' posts that will cause weeping and nashing of teeth.

Melanie said...

You know, I cant even watch that video cause my stomach still cant take it. I can only imagine what spews forth. There are days when I just have to shut it all out or I will stay angry. There are days when my husband insist that I curb my intake so that I will not be so rattled when he comes home!