Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Memorial for the Unborn

Normally, I would never share a video of myself speaking. (I guess it's years of phone calls that go like this: Me "Hello?" Other person "Is your Mommy home?" LOL)

However, I was so excited about some recent information we discovered about abortion statistics in Polk county, that I just had to share! Life Matters Outreach is the crisis pregnancy center that I started in 2001. It's been a labor of love on my part, and a huge teaching opportunity between me and the Lord, as He has taught me to trust Him and put my family FIRST, and not let my ambitions get the best of me. Our center is small, but we've always tried to glorify God in the little things. No child has ever been taken to a daycare center while his mother came to LMO to council, we've stuck to the King James Bible, and we've patiently waited on the Lord to send volunteers to us rather than aggressively "recruiting" them.

It's been hard on me in recent years with my growing family and the responsibility of homeschooling. I've given up going to LMO on a weekly basis, however, I do a lot of work from home (usually in the wee hours of the night). This isn't quite as rewarding as seeing firsthand results while counciling regularly, and yet I was so excited to see the decline in abortion rate in our county. I just had to take a moment on my personal blog journal here and give God the glory for what He's done through LMO.

This is part of an annual Memorial for the Unborn that the Polk County Christian Coalition organizes every year. They always ask for me to come and give a report for our center.

(Note about quality of video: My amateur camera girl, 11 years old, takes great pictures but hasn't quite mastered video. You might want to take a swig of Emetrol before watching this if you're prone to motion sickness. She also cut off about the first 30 seconds. In all fairness, the wind was blowing WILDLY that day, as you can see from the hair in my mouth LOL. I wasn't about to let go of my paper to remove that hair, because I knew my paper would be across the road in no time! FYI, this is on the court house steps downtown.)

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Melanie said...

Praise the Lord! That is great news!