Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Summer ROSE!"

This seems to be the phrase of the day, as we are constantly in anticipation of what mischief our little girl will find next, like......

deleting everyone's apps off their iPods (you need not think you can hide it from her; she has a built in "find my iPhone" feature)

waking up with gum in her mouth, which she did NOT go to bed with (she MUST be part owl or bat or cat or something, because the real fun begins when the sun goes down)

well, how can I say this politely? ummm, "passing gas" loudly in church....NOT once, mind you, but TWICE in the same service! definitely no more chocolate milk in Sunday School!

putting food in empty boots for a little surprise later on

pretending like she's eating while really putting the food in her shirt, under the table, in the window sill, in a laundry basket of freshly cleaned clothes, etc.

dumping the crickets (frog food)

and tonight's surprise: Mama's lipstick!

We love our mean, rotten, precious girl!


Melanie said...

Hahaha! That little sweet things keeps you on your toes!

Jessika said...

Looks like The Joker got a hold of her! She's so cute. :)

Love you guys!