Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Please Pray for the Persecuted Homeschooling Families

Military Hero Loses All 5 Children to State

Major John Jackson like most other soldiers has missed many Christmases, birthdays and Holidays with his family. But, he never thought he would be forced to endure Christmas without his children while his wife sat alone at home and his children were separated into 3 different homes. A nightmare that a seasoned war veteran never envisioned that not only threatens his family, but has put into motion the permanent destruction of his family.Major Jackson is a passionate husband and family man who is a devout Christian and a patriotic American. Still on active duty, he understands the risks and the sacrifices that he has committed to each day when he dons his uniform to uphold the US Constitution. As a decorated Major in the US Army, he has acknowledged his willingness to give up his life in defense of all Americans. He is stunned and in complete disbelief that a system exists in the United States of America that he claims has “stripped him of both Constitutional and Civil Rights”.
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World Net Daily has also been following this story; see: Father: My Children Are Being Held Hostage

A few weeks ago, I heard Michael Farris from HSLDA giving a radio interview about a speech he recently made (which was also developed into an article for the HSLDA Court Report) about what he calls the third wave of homeschool persecution. Farris was describing how the 1st two waves of persecution were based on false premises that have sense been proven untrue (that homeschooling couldn't compete, and that children suffered from lack of socialization). However, this 3rd wave is based on a true assertion, that homeschooling parents are teaching their children a set of values that conflict with mainstream society. Education elitists assert that parents who teach their children that a man should lead his family, that homosexuality and abortion are sins, and that there's only one way to heaven, are a threat to society and harming their children. It shook me to the core to hear Michael Farris, with a quivering voice, say that homeschoolers better get on their knees in prayer and prepare for the battle ahead.

We should certainly pray for our brothers and sisters who are living this nightmare. Christian parents everywhere (homeschooling or no) are in danger of being in the same position!

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body." Hebrews 13:3

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