Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Things

New Friends (Summer has finally decided she likes Junior, the coon dog)

New Garden (Yes, it's big. Jason always thinks BIG, that's just one reason I love him!)

Brocolli already!

New experiences

New pond (hopefully!)

New Life. This is a moth that emerged from a huge cocoon that Bubbie found on an oak tree outside. The cocoon was about 2 inches long and about an inch wide with leaf prints carved into the side (I wish I had taken a picture!). The cocoon itself was beautiful, and the moth has amazed us all. It's about 6 inches wide and absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, it does NOT like having its picture taken, so here are a few lousy shots I was able to get. It's flying free in our house right now.

This is outside the kids' tree house. If you'll look closely on the dog's neck, you can see a cocoon!

I just love spring!

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