Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pepper Stringer

Seth will be 9 years old in a couple of weeks.  All that boy has had on his mind for many months now is DOGS!  Using his filtered iPod browser, he researched and learned all about different dog breeds.  He took screen shots of different dogs and decided what he would name each one if he could get one of that breed.  Then, one day, a lady in the pet store let him hold a miniature Australian shepherd.  That was it.  The boy eats, breathes, and sleeps miniature Australian shepherds.  And so, the search began.

 Finally, we came across this 12 week old Blue merle, who is now part of the family.  Seth named her Pepper, and she's just precious!
 You can see her beautiful eyes.  Her left eye is half black/half blue.  Pretty wild looking!
 A puppy?  Really? Am I up to this?  We don't really need it! 
But, it's for my sweet boy.  
And I'm sure she'll fit in fine with our coon dog, 40+ chickens, a dozen or so rabbits, 2 cats, tree frog, 2 jellybean frogs, and beta fish.

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