Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tara...with Energy!

She's back. New and improved. Version 3.7 with all malware and viruses removed. Increased battery life and speed.

For my blog readers that may not know, I have been sick for months (since Christmas!) with what I now know to be a 1.2 cm infected kidney stone. After months of fever and pain and drug reactions, it finally came to a head a few weeks ago with a blockage. Hospitals, ambulance ride (NOT fun!), outpatient surgeries, stent, lithotripsy....long story short, I am finally better and so thankful to be feeling great!
I'm anxious to get back to blogging, and of's election season, so I've got plenty to say LOL.

Thanks for your patience with my "blahg", and here's a shout-out to my faithful friend, Angela, who actually notices when I'm not blogging and is sweet to call and see what's wrong. (Thanks, friend!)

And here's a funny for the day:

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Melanie Robinson said...

Welcome back! I wish that this healing would have included eradicating those food allergies! But, I'm very thankful that the fever and pain are gone. Now, give me some of that energy!