Thursday, December 13, 2007

Aren't they sweet?

This morning, Caleb and Madelyn got up at 6:30 so they could play alone. Caleb has been letting Seth play with his action figures now that he is older, and so now every time they go to play together, Seth wants to join in. I overheard them talking last night about how they didn't want to hurt Seth's feelings, so they would just set their clocks and get up early to play before he woke up. I had a headache this morning, and went back to bed after Jason left for work, but I heard them get up, and heard lots of whispers and giggles. About 7:45, they decided to take a catnap before the boys woke up.

Aren't they sweet?


Melanie said...

They are precious and good role models to others. They treat each other so well. They are also wonderful playmates....nice,courteous and respectful!
Good job Mom!

Amy said...

Sweet friends...

Deborah said...

What great friends!

What great siblings!

This was an example of so much kindness and love.