Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Need 30 minutes of common sense?

Then take time to view the following You Tube clips of Dr. Ron Paul. (see posts below)

I have always loved politics since I was a child. I suppose I got this from my Daddy, who is a veteran and an informed citizen. I can remember sitting on his lap watching President Ronald Reagan being sworn in. (I was only 5 years old!) Then, in 1984, when I was in fourth grade, I can remember debating with my school principal about why Walter Mondale should not be president. I was leader of a mock election in 8th grade, where our PEP class made voting booths out of refrigerator boxes. I campaigned for Bush against Dukakis, and Bush won at our school. And, just after the Clinton election, I still went off to college with my "Rush Limbaugh for President" t-shirt. While I was in college, I began to really study government and religion, and how intertwined they truly are. Communism does not come from a Christian society, and Liberty can only be won when those fighting for it are doing so because they believe it to be a part of the cause of Christ.

Is it any wonder that the past few years have been disheartening even for a die-hard like myself? Corruption, scandal, lies, and the government growing by leaps and bounds.

Hearing Ron Paul speak has re-charged my battery! If you want to feel good about this great nation once again, and be reminded of how we got here and why, take time to listen to these wonderful videos.

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Melanie said...

Thanks for the great clips!