Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Field Trip!

Heritage Baptist Homeschoolers visited the Pine Mountain Gold Museum yesterday. We actually broke our "Moms don't sweat" rule, but we still had lots of fun.

Macey, don't be mad at me, but I just had to post this hilarious picture of you trying to make Summer Rose behave. Um, group pictures are not her strong point...but thanks for being such a good sport and always helping out with the little stinker anyway! We both love you for it.

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Melanie said...

I don't think you can say that we just had a little sweat! That was a major rule breaker!! But, it was fun with the exception of that migraine that made me feel like I had to rush off from the picnic too soon.

Macey (= said...

Haha. I got a kick out of this when you sent me this pic. I sure do love that little stinker!! <3