Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Viva La Difference!

As I've said before, this country is truly going to the dogs! And in light of current events, it's more important than ever for the redeemed of God to speak up and declare the truth of it! What current events am I speaking of? Namely that even the "conservative" spokespersons of America (at least that's their claim) are caving in to pressure and showing their true rainbow colors. Rush Limbaugh, who paid Elton John to sing at his (4th) wedding, Glenn Beck tells Bill O'Reilly that gay marriage is not a big issue or a threat to American family values, and Ann Coulter agrees to speak at Homocon, a fundraising rally for GoProud ("gay conservatives?").

Well, I may be the last conservative hauled off to prison for hate crimes, but I'm NOT caving in on this issue....and I think this article below is one of the most spiritually indepth, and intellectually thought out, articles I've read in a long time that explains why:

The Gospel for 21st Century Sodom by Peter Jones

Please take time to read this article and forward it.

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