Tuesday, August 17, 2010

They Don't Make 'em Like They Used To!

Jason's aunt (whose age I won't guess in case she reads this) found a dress that her mother ("MawMaw" to us, who passed away in 2006) had made for her over 50 years ago. The dress was made to look like a flower petal, and unfortunately the hat that was made to match it was lost. She washed it and pressed it and wanted to see if it would fit Summer.

I was expecting a worn-out shredded piece of cloth, but to my surprise the dress looked practically brand new! I compared it to today's Wal-Mart junk in Summer's closet that begins to unravel after you wash it only once. Once again I am reminded of how we assembly line Americans have lost the art of quality!
What a shame! Makes me wish I had sense enough to learn to sew well!
(That's not a stain on the dress, it's water where I sprayed her hair to fix it)

Funny note: Jason's aunt wore this dress when she was about 5 years old. Summer just turned 2 and it fits her like a glove.

My line of Stringers runs a little big. :-)


Angela said...

That is to sweet! Britt is expecting again, and Miss Della just turned one!

Tara said...

Wow, Angela, that's so exciting!! Please post some updated pictures of Della on FB. I would love to see them.

Melanie said...

That is just too cute!