Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby Stringer

This baby is big news around here!    Is it a boy or girl?  (right now boys outnumber 4:3)  Where will we put him//her?  Will we build on a room?  (No, we can't afford it.  By the time we can afford it, we won't need it.)  Will we buy a new van?  (No, can't afford that either LOL.)  And, alas, WHAT SHALL WE NAME THIS CHILD?

I've thoroughly enjoyed all the hilarious discussions with the kids and all their suggestions.  My usual response is, "Well, I wouldn't want to steal that name from you.  You might want to name your child that one day!"  (That's pretty safe; won't offend the kiddos!)

Here are just a few of the hundreds of suggestions I've received:

Summer:  "Rosie Daisy"  "Maria" (she loves The Sound of Music)
Jared:  "Tim Horton"  (LOL, he's my coffee drinker)
Seth:  Elrod, Samwise
Madelyn:  Betty, Doris, Betsy, Johnny, Kathy, June (can you tell my girl loves old movies?)
KK:  "Let's name him Lucas and call him 'Sod Buster' for a nickname"  (LOL, we love The Rifleman)

As you can see.... looks like I am on my own here.  If you have suggestions, I'm open!!

Right now, Jason and the girls and I are on our way to the doctor's office for the ultrasound. If Baby Stringer cooperates, we should know in a little while whether we're going to have another little sissy or another little bubba. 

Here's a pic Sis took of our little toothless Rosebud. 

And my 2 them!


Lori said...

I love the name suggestions!It's amazing what kids will come up with from watching movies. My husband was named for Dr. Sanford of UGA's Sanford Stadium. He totally hates the name Sanford and could ring the neck to whomever suggested it. His parents were notorious for giving weird names to their children.

Tara said...

That's so funny, Lori! My husband's first name is "Freeman" (after his dad) although he goes by Jason. He always hated being called Freeman at school and at the doctor's office, etc. He has always insisted that we call our children by their first names. And my name has been mispronounced a dozen ways, so I am always mindful of that. Funny how those things stick with you! It's such a hard decision!