Monday, January 13, 2014

Sweet Little Tonto

My younger boys are barely a year apart in age.  You'd think they'd be the best of friends; and yet, while they love one another, you couldn't ask for two more different personalities.  Seth is a serious soul, a scientist, an avid reader and writer.  He cleans and organizes and slicks his hair up before we go anywhere.  Bubbie is his complete opposite.  The sweetest, friendliest little slob of a boy you'll ever meet.  He loves guns and hunting and cowboys and soldiers.  He can take a shower without even getting wet and hasn't ever bothered to look in a mirror other than to apply war paint.  They both spend as much time as possible outdoors, in the same backyard, but rarely together.  Seth plays with the animals and collects specimens and checks on the trees and flowers.  Bub fights Nazis and shoots squirrels and practices his aim.  It's just the way God made them, and though I want them to be close, I still try to nurture their own unique abilities and interests.


Bubbie (Jared)

...And then comes along a little sister.  It's hilarious how they fight for her attention.  "Summer, be MY girl today."  Even though I always give the "we're all Stringers; we're all best friends" lecture, I can't help but smile.  Seth usually takes her for a walk in the woods or gets her on his bunk to read a story, but Bubbie always dresses her up.  AND SHE LOVES IT.  Today, he had The Lone Ranger on his mind, so he dressed her up as Tonto.

I heard her several times saying, "I love you, Kemo Sabe!"  And Bub would say, "Girl, you're not supposed to say that.  Tonto doesn't tell the Lone Ranger that he loves him!  But I love you too."  Such sweet memories.

Here's her "mean" look:

I so miss the days when Caleb and Madelyn dressed up and played together, and I'm enjoying every second of these precious times!


Kristy... said...

You have adorable Children! I have missed your posts!!!! I am glad you are blogging more :)

Melanie Robinson said...

This is precious and you described them to a T!