Monday, April 30, 2012

40 Days of Prayer to Molech

Planned Parenthood just recently (April 27) completed a "40 Days of Prayer Supporting Women Everywhere".  The audacity, irreverence, and rebellion of these abortion providers is just overwhelming to me.  My only commentary would be to read Romans 1:18-32 from the Authorized King James Bible.

Here's a brochure where you can view the 40 prayers, one for each day:

Planned Parenthood 40 Days of Prayer for Abortion

Here are just a few of their disturbing prayers:
  • “we give thanks for the doctors who provide quality abortion care.”
  • “we pray for elected officials, that they may always support a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions [i.e. abortion].”
  • “we pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power [of choice, i.e. abortion] by their religion. May they learn to reject fear and live bravely.”
  • “we give thanks for abortion escorts who guide women safely through the hostile gauntlets of protesters.”
  • “we pray for a cloud of gentleness to surround every abortion facility.”
  • “we give thanks and celebrate that abortion is still safe and legal.”
The ACLJ had an informative article about the campaign that you might like to read:

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