Thursday, May 3, 2012

If I Wanted America To Fail

Although the phrase "Agenda 21" is not mentioned in this video, clearly the makers of this video are keenly aware of what Agenda 21 has done to our country.

If you're not familiar with Agenda 21, you're a day late and a dollar short.  Good, old fashioned, salt of the earth Americans no longer have the luxury of skimming the surface of politics anymore.  We're going to have to research and educate ourselves and prepare our families for what lies ahead.  There's no need to let our fear triumph our faith, because our Lord foretold it all.  Clearly, this world is headed toward our own modern day Tower of Babel, a one-world government, upon which the Anti-Christ will build his kingdom and demand the long sought-after worship of Satan. (Revelation, note especially chapters 6 and 13.  If you get depressed, just skip on over to chapter 20)
What is Agenda 21?  Short answer:  The United Nations' plan to transfer all sovereignty, wealth, and control to itself.  The official plan for "sustainable development" was penned more than 2 decades ago, and it was put into full force in America by globalist George H. Bush in 1992.  Congress has never voted to offically accept the protocols of Agenda 21, and yet it is being implemented voluntarily by some 2,000 local communities in the U.S.  Most people are ignorant of the final outcome, and you'd have a hard time convincing anyone educated in the government schools after the 1970s that it is a bad thing.  In fact, the U.N. has written its own curriculum to brainwash all the best and brightest students to accept, without question, the complete streamlining of all the world for the sake of the "greater good".  The curriculum is called The International Baccalaureate School program (IBS).  (Go to the offical website and click on "Find an IB World School and see how many exist in the state of Georgia alone!  Frightening!)  My own little cousin just got accepted into the program in a neighboring county (which breaks my heart, but everyone is just thrilled to death that she is given such a high honor).
So, in short, what does this mean to ME and YOU?  This article below by American hero and watchman Henry Lamb does a great job describing what our world may look like in just a few short years:
Sustainable Development:  Transforming America "What could America look like in 50 years under the direction of Agenda 21?"
No U.S. sovereignty  (The ignorant legislators are putting themselves out of a job by allowing power to be transferred from our elected representatives to unelected bureaucrats through ObamaCare and czars)
No individuality
No national, state, county, familial, religious identity
No homeschools, obviously
No personal farms, business or hobby farms
No automobiles
No hunting
No indulging in electricity (notice the smart meter they just installed on your house?  notice the drive to make wi-fi spread all across the nation?)
No right to bear arms
No parental authority
No American Dream homes owned by hard-working people
This is no longer the stuff of conspiracy theorists.  It's all out in the open now, and it doesn't take much sleuthing to figure it all out.  The communists and progressives in the White House and Congress are deliberately collapsing our dollar, so that we'll be forced to accept a regional or global currency, and probably deal in not only that "euro-type" currency, but in the imaginary "carbon credits" as well.
I hope the video above will shake some Americans out of their "American Idol stupor" and cause them to gear up for battle.  Sadly, I don't expect this to happen; but as the Apostle John wrote in Rev. 22:20, "Even so, come, Lord Jesus!"

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