Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Recital!

The children have been so busy with piano lately, but they love it.  They've worked extra hard this year, and it has really paid off.  Within one month, they had 3 performances for which to prepare.  The experience of performing in front of various groups of people is stressful on them, but it teaches them so much more than just musical skills.  They've learned how to study and practice and prepare, how to be organized and meet a deadline, how to perform under pressure, how to deal with the public, and how to persevere until something is finished.  Now, they get to sit back and enjoy that satisfied feeling one gets when it's all completed!

Here they are with their piano teacher.  (If you look closely, you'll see a spot of lipstick on the right side of Seth's forehead where an adoring fan gave him a smooch...the subject of much teasing for my little "chick magnet" around here!)

Below are some clips from their Spring Recital.  Seth has been taking for about 7 months.  He's moving very quickly and loving it.  He had 2 pieces in a row at one point, so his teacher told him it wasn't necessary to stand and bow between songs, just to nod and acknowledge the audience.  Caleb has always said that Seth has the advantage with any audience because of his dimples, and I think that proves to be a true statement with this video.  It's so darn cute!  Love my little Sunshine.


Melanie said...

They are doing an amazing job! I can't wait to start Jenna!

Brandi said...

They all did so good!