Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Soldier Brother

Bubbie is honestly the sweetest big brother I know. He's so gentle and kind with Summer. He greets her every morning with, "Well good morning, Miss Priss! Did you sleep well? What did you dream about?" He's always willing to put up with her drama. He's so patient with her when the others just tattle and get mad at her.

Yesterday, he started talking her into going out and playing "armies" with him. He tried one of his outfits on her and asked permission to take her in the woods. "I can talk to her and keep her from pitching a fit, Mom, I know I can.". So sweet!

So today, I'm packing them a lunch and getting them out the door to go save the world. My little girl is in good hands, I am sure. Love my Bub!

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