Monday, October 29, 2007

Just another day

While most of the nation, including Christians, will be in a mad frenzy this Wednesday, October 31, it will just be another Wednesday at our house, and thankfully, we will be in church. I've inlcuded a link below to a great article, worth time to read and even print off, about Halloween from a Christian perspective. I like it especially because the last section, titled "The History of Halloween" actually links the traditions back to Nimrod in the Bible. Most sources don't go back this far.
Origins of Halloween

The reason that the Nimrod connection interests me, is that I read a book some years back called The Flood by Alfred Rehwinkel , a wonderful book by a great Christian man. This book, intended to offer proof of the the great Deluge "in light of the Bible, geology, and archaeology", has a very interesting chapter entitled "Other Historical Evidence for the Flood". In it, Dr. Rehwinkel takes several ancient and modern day cultures, and examines something that they all seem to have in common. All of them have traditions, relating to a new year, at the end of October (corresponding with Flood dating), which seem to point to a major calamity of the human race. What is so interesting, is that all these events are connected with the memory of the dead, or was observed as a feast of the ancestors. For the whole story, you simply must read this book.

Don't you get it? Any source you read about the history and origins of Halloween involves visits of spirits from the past. I have always read this, but it didn't really click and make sense until I realized it went all the way back to that wicked man, Nimrod, who lived just about 100 years after the Flood. With a small population on the earth, Nimrod and the other rebellious descendants of Ham joined together to build a waterproof tower to the heavens in defiance of God. And to mock God even more, they had festivals and feasts honoring and remembering all the wicked people that God had destroyed!

As if a child of God needed another reason not to participate in Halloween, this is certainly another good reason, and perhaps the most convincing of all!

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