Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Stinking Rose (and other miracles)

This post is dedicated to Greg R. and Scott W.
"I know how happy your are, that your wives are my best friends"
and to my own Jason,
who by first-hand experience has become an unwilling believer in "the stinking rose"
My family has always been fairly healthy, for which I am thankful. However, as I look back, I spent a lot of time during the baby and toddler years of my first 2 children, at the pediatrician's office. Just minor stuff, but I never would make a diagnosis or treat anything, without that "expert" advice. Most of the time, I loaded my sick little ones up, drove the 30-45 minutes to the office, waited for hours, exposed them to many more germs, had a 5 minute consultation, was told "Give them Tylenol and call if it gets worse", and went back home to nurse them. What did I have? A wasted day, a doctor bill, and still a lot of questions about how to care for my baby.
All that changed for me when I discovered nature's most powerful antibiotic, GARLIC! Our only trips to the pediatrician in the past 2 years have been for a fire injury, and an ear-wax buildup (which I could probably handle myself now). It's such a blessing to be able to take charge of my family's health, and save us valuable time and money. I'm very thankful for doctors when needed, but I don't want my family to get lost in the modern-day web of insurance and money and politics and bureaucracy that often harms, more than it helps, patients.
More than a week ago, my Bubbie got very sick, very quickly. For several reasons, I can say with almost certainty that it was strep throat. I'd like to share with you my protocol for handling this situation.
1. Every hour (I set my watch! Consistency is the key to success!), garlic poultices* on his feet, chest, throat, behind his ears, and on his back, until he shows significant improvement from fever and lethargy. As he improves, I space this out to every 3 hours until he is well. (I do not wake him if he is sleeping comfortably.)
2. With every (3-hour) garlic application, I give him a zinc lozenge.
3. For breakfast, lunch, supper, and bedtime, I give him a Vit. C tablet, as well as a dose of grapefruit seed extract. GSE is another of God's wonderful germ-fighting gifts to us. For dosing, I mix 3 drops of GSE with 2 tsp. of juice.
4. I immediately begin the rest of the family on the same Vit. C, GSE plan (3 meals + bedtime). Jason and I take GSE tablets. EVERYONE gets it, consistently, and I also spray our toothbrushes with GSE.
5. We all continue with the GSE and Vit. C for at least 1 day after the illness is gone.

The result? Bubbie got sick on Wednesday night and was well by Friday. So far, 7 days later, no one else has been sick. That was the quickest strep throat we've ever experienced!
I know, the big complaint: IT STINKS! I say, "It smells like health." But, honestly, shouldn't you be staying home alone when there's illness in your family anyway? No one else should even smell it! Besides, it's a small price to pay when you consider the benefits: you have built up the immune system rather than making it more resistant to antibiotics (which means less sickness in the future), and you have saved doctor bills, gas, and time!
*Here is how I prepare a garlic poultice
I usually prepare 2 at a time, so I can speed up my application.
First, press a clove of garlic with a garlic press. Here is a picture of my beloved Pampered Chef garlic press:

Next, place the crushed garlic onto a paper towel. Fold the paper towel and steep it in hot tap water for about a minute. Add a little cool water to cool the temperature of the poultice, squeeze it out and apply immediately. I usually begin with the soles of the feet, and apply for 60-90 seconds at a time. Then, I move to the chest and throat, then behind the ears, then on the back. In about 5 minutes, your patient will have garlic breath! NOTE: Garlic will burn if left directly on the skin for more than a couple minutes, so be wise!

If you haven't discovered "the stinking rose" for your family yet, give it a try. (Gel caps are great for adults!) Do a google search on the healing properties of garlic, and you'll be amazed! And remember 2 things: First of all, the reason that natural remedies don't work for most people is that they aren't used consistently enough, in high enough doses, and for a long enough period of time. Secondly, you might need a pharmaceutical antibiotic for something dangerous one day, so don't build up your body's resistance to antibiotics when it isn't necessary! (Been there, done that. But that's another blog for another day)


Amy said...

I love it! The men wil be honored you mentioned their name! LOL. I am dissapointed in me b/c yesterday at the grocer I forgot my garlic!I was in a BIG hurry to get back home. The last grocer visit I brought home strep.

Melanie said...

Is it not the right time of year to plant garlic?
Won't our DH's be proud of us when we tell them we grow our own!

Greg said...

Thanks for the dedication, Scott and I are quite honored. But quite frankly, since our wives have become your best friends our house stinks!
Thanks again,

Amy said...

GOT GARLIC!! WE USUALLY DO hold your nose greg&jason. yours truly scott